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We specialize in Health IT Systems

IntelliSOFT Consulting is a Kenyan software development and consultancy firm that specializes in the health care industry; our primary focus is in the areas of Health Management Information Systems and Health Research Support Systems. The company's overall goal is advancing the use of Information and Communication Technology to support the provision of quality healthcare services.

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Health Management Information Systems

In support of processes and decision support required in delivery of quality healthcare services, IntelliSOFT Consulting solutions power various underlying systems that enable availability and accessibility of quality health information at the Facility, Community, County and National levels.

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Health Research Support Systems

Useful health research that is prioritized based on nationally identified needs, is required to drive development and implementation of health interventions to guide clinical and public health practice. IntelliSOFT Consulting develop systems that are important not only supporting this thinking, but also in bridging the “Know-Do” gap.

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