He provides technical leadership and guidance in health sector environmental analytics and implementation of various

health information technology products.He is a Biomedical Informatics Specialist by profession, and added to his wealth of training, work experience and exceptional grasp of the local and international health sectors, Steven also doubles as the lead liaison with health sector-based clients and partners.

He was the technical lead for the PEPFAR funded HMIS project that resulted in implemented of Kenya MOH endorsed EMR system (KenyaEMR – http://test.kenyaemr.itech-kenya.org/) in more than 340 public health facilities, Basic Lab Information System BLIS in more than 20 public health labs, HIS interoperability through the OpenEMRConnect project (https://sites.google.com/site/oeckenya/) , which laid the foundation for the the National Unique Persons Identification system. He led development and implementation of the Master Community Unit Listing, a co-component of the Master Facility Unit List in Kenya. He is a core author of majority of the HIS national standards and guidelines in Kenya and sits on the Health Informatics Technical Committee 215 at the Kenya Bureau of Standards representing the Kenya Health Informatics Association.

Steven has graduate level education and training in software engineering and biomedical informatics. He also possesses multiple HIS certifications including HL7. He is currently a medical informatics PhD student.